Aloha everybody. Larry with Ola Properties here. I put together a presentation rating the public schools here on Oahu, Oahu also consisting of the City and County of Honolulu, in case you're looking for Honolulu schools. So, let's just jump into the presentation here and see if I can answer some questions for you.


So, first of all, I'd like to say that the information was, we got the information from GreatSchools is a national non-profit organization that provides information on schools throughout the country. Their summary rating provides a snapshot of a school's quality based upon the three points below. The four points, excuse me. And those ratings are student progress rating or also known as academic progress rating, college readiness rating, now, this one is only used for high schools, not elementary or middle schools, and then they use an equity rating and a test score rating. So I'm going to show you rankings and ratings of schools by grades because they've broke it down to elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. And then after this presentation, I will go into more detail on each school in a separate presentation, and I'm going to link those to this presentation here.


So here are the top five public elementary schools on Oahu, according to great King Liholiho Elementary School, the Moanalua Elementary School, Major General William R. Schafer Elementary School, Salt Lake Elementary, and the Admiral Chester Nimitz Elementary School. Then moving onto the middle schools, we have Moanalua Middle School, Kaimuki Middle School, Voyager, which is A Public Charter School, and then another charter school, Myron B. Thompson Academy, and finally the King David Kalakaua Middle School.


Now, because I don't have children in school and didn't have charter schools where my kids did grow up, quite honestly, I had to look up to see what a charter school is. And in case you want to know, a charter school is a public school, but it's independent of school districts through contracts with state or local boards. Now, as a public school, the charter schools are open to all children. They do not require entrance exams and they are not allowed to charge tuition. They must participate in state testing and federal accountability programs. Schools draw up their own charter, which is a set of rules and standards that they were held accountable to. And let's see, they are funded on a per pupil basis with public funds. So I guess that's what a charter school is.


And moving onto the high schools, we start off with Moanalua High School, Kalani High School, and then we go over to Henry J. Kaiser High School, and then we've Admiral Arthur W. Radford High School, AKA Radford, and then down to President Theodore Roosevelt High School, AKA Roosevelt. Now, the one thing I've noticed here, I don't know if you've picked up on or not, but we have Moanalua High School as is in the top five, Moanalua Middle School was in the top five, as well as Moanalua Elementary School, which seems like they must be a pretty good school district.


So those are the schools, top five rated schools on Oahu, showing the elementary, middle, and high schools. Now, as I say in separate presentations, I'll go into more detail on each school for you, giving you the actual ratings that were used to come up with these numbers, as well as a little more information. So please come back and look for those.

And finally, here's the disclaimer that we have to show you, that I am a realtor. We are real estate brokers and the information we are providing to you here is from And to the best of our knowledge, it is accurate as of today, which is December 9, 2020. Thank you.